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Sunday, May 25, 2008


Online puchases. Anyone out there does it regularly? I have my fair share. Recently I purchased my PDA batteries over eBay. Stuff from China is really cheap if not reasonable. Don't know if they last though. Anyway, for cheap purchases like the PDA batteries, the postage cost just as much as the item. On the whole, I am actually quite pleased with my purchase and it may have hit the "key" in my as many times I am tempted to do more purchases :) Control.... control... must control myself and not be carried away. Imagine, it is a simple as 1...2...3.... scary!!!! Next thing you know, credit card bill arrives and shows you a "bomb". All these is not including purchases not made by yourself (hehehee.... what I maen would be ppl making purchases using your credit card). Let's pray that it won't happen, yah?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Wow!!! 1st post for May. I suppose the blogging hype has died down on me. Hopefully it would revive soon. Yes, I have upgraded my broadband account to the unlimited usage package. Though I almost never fully utilized my previous package limit of 60 hours per month, nevertheless, unlimited access is simply wonderful for me. No more needs to monitor our (wife and I) usage but just use on......... Wonder what else will change in our lives?