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Friday, September 16, 2011

My Story with Yes 4G

I have gotten into Yes 4G "trap".

Sometime back when Yes 4G was launched, they were offering people to sign-up and choose your preferred 018-Xxxxxxxxx number. No payment was require
d. So I think..... why not? Let's see how it works. That time there was no UniFi for me yet. Not that I have to pay anything at the moment. I knew I only need to start paying upon activating the account.

However, when Yes Life app came to the iPhone, I installed it and started playing around with it not realising that the account became activated. Was until a couple of days back when I was toying with the idea to use Yes 4G service to replace my poor DiGi 3G service when my contract ends, I check my account status online. Lo and behold! I owe them RM119+ (RM30 min per month)!!!!

So, decision was to either to cut the line or continue. After some research, I found that the service is pretty promising therefore I decided to continue. To continue and pay with out a device???

I went to SenQ and got myself a Huddle Modem (cost me RM399) and after paying what I owe to Yes, I manage to get online. Speed was astounding especially when your modem shows green color signal strength. Faster if not equivalent to UniFi VIP5.