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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Shopping at eBay

After a break, I am back at shopping via eBay again. So, what did I buy this time? I bought a leather casing for my new toy, N86, I bought a replacement battery for my wife's handphone (cannot find a replacement in Malaysia already as it was obsolete already - Mitsubishi M330) and another accessory for the N86, a car charger.

I normally buy only items which is low in value to minimize my risk. Most of the times the items are VERY cheap and the postage cost more than the item itself.

I like the last purchase best - the car charger. Cost me about RM11. Postage is free for this item. It will be shipped from the UK. Cool?

The danger about shopping online apart from fraud is getting carried away. It is so easy to click away..........

Anyway, to date, I'm still waiting for my leather casing and car charger to arrive.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Nokia N86 8MP

I've lost!!!!

I have succumbed to my weakness once again :( Got myself a Nokia N86 8MP. It is a phone with an awesome camera function OR a camera which can make calls.

How to justify this purchase? Well the other day, my old phone acted up on me. Hanged really BAD until I needed to do a hard reset to get it to work again. So, lost all my contacts which is not in the SIM ... sigh..

N86 has all the functions which I want/need e.g. good camera function, WiFi, 3G, GPS and etc. If I feel like it, will review it in another post.

....off to play with the new toy.........

Thursday, August 27, 2009

DiGi Broadband

I have just recently cancelled my subscription with Celcom Broadband. Not that it is not good. It is just that there is another which is faster and cheaper. However, Celcom would still be the champion for coverage to my experience.

Now, what about DiGi Broadband? Well, the speed I get at locations where 3G signal is available is much faster than the former. See for yourself......

Compare this with the results from my earlier post when I first got the Celcom Broadband .....


Currently I am really pleased with this DiGi Broadband. Wonder how long it will last giving such fast speed and cheap price. Oh, haven't I mention that I am now paying less too. For the first year, I am paying less by RM20 per month. (Celcom - RM68/mth; DiGi - RM48/mth after auto debit RM5 discount and RM5 modem rebate)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New Arrival to the Family

Despite all the runnings here and there, our daughter, Danielle Annabelle Sek An Ling arrived safely into our arms on 17th June 2009, 7.35pm. She weighs 3.34kg which is considered a slightly "big" baby.

Both mommy and baby are fine and we are all adjusting to the new environment.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

End of 50-50 Vision Reign

There goes my eyesight :( I haven't been doing much reading lately. Mostly is because my attention span over any lengthy article with words (only) is very short. I cannot seem to concentrate. Lately it got worse. I found that the words are blurr or I would have to put the text further from my eyes.

Yup, I have what "they" called it long sightedness. Or in other language - Rabun Dekat - which means cannot see near clearly. Normally this kind of defect is labled as "old age". So, it is double *sigh*.

With my new pair of "eyes", I hope my quality of life will change for the better :)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Name for a Baby Girl

What would be a nice name for my coming baby girl? Any suggestion out there?

Personally, I am very much leaning towards "Danielle". Many would say I am just lazy to think of names and resort to using the feminine version of my own name. Hahahaha.... that may be true. Nevertheless, I think it is a good name. I like my name anyway :)

So, anyone out there reading this have any suggestion, please feel free to give your two cents worth (or more if you like).

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Many things have happened since my last post. In less than a month, my loved ones were admitted to the hospital 3 times. At posting time, my dad is still the hospital.

Firstly my dad for acute abdomen pain, discharged, followed by my father in law, discharged and my dad again.

My dad was admitted twice into Assunta. I kinda like Assunta Hospital and in fact my whole family feels kinda at home with that hospital. For me, maybe it is because it was the place where I was born.

My father in law was admitted to the NCI and later did a procedure at Gleneagles (not admitted here). NCI also seems like a nice hospital apart from some strange smell. Comfy and stuffs looked new.

My wife would be delivering at the SJMC. Wonder if the rooms are good and comfortable. For the renovation going on outside, the car parking areas are just messy. Hope it gets better by June :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Dad

February 19 is my dad's birthday. In 2009, he would be 70 years old!!!! Praise the Lord!!!

My dad is a self made man. Second son in a family of eight (4 boys and 4 girls). He went into the Technical College after completing his secondary studies under somekind of government funding. After finishing Technical College, he was equipped with a diploma for Civil Engineering. Not satisfied being a technical assistant in the public works department, he continues his studies on his own while working. Finally, after much struggling, he manages to pass his external exam known as "Part 1 and Part 2" to obtained and degree equivalent hence becoming a Civil Engineer in the public works department (PWD).

I was born about the time my dad passes his Part 1 and Part 2 examinations. Was it me who brings "luck" to my dad??? Hahahaha.... all in God's hand. All in God's timing.

He works with the PWD until he retires at the age of 50. After retirement, he continues his practice in the private sector for a short period until an economic downturn. From that time onwards, he retired from engineering practices.

My dad is a sportsman by nature. During his college days he plays all sorts of games such as badminton, hockey, cricket and tennis. It was in his days in the PWD that he took up golfing too. But when my brother and I are older and able to take up sports as well, we learnt tennis from him. We had memorable times as a whole family (mom included) playing tennis in the early days. People thinks we are crazy. The whole family will drive to the tennis courts (at SS1) and start playing from 2pm onwards. Like a family picnic. From there we meet all sort of friends.

However, about 10 year ago (I may need to be corrected here), my dad found out that he's got Parkinson Disease. Since then, he has been less active and by the nature of the disease, the patient tends to withdraw himself from the society, slowly. Of course we must take account that he is growing old too apart from the disease.

Anyway, with or without the sickness, he still lives on and have good and bad times together with us as a family. I love him dearly and will always try to make his life as pleasant as I possibly could until he goes back to be with our Lord Jesus Christ. He already have got two grandchildren (Natalie and Michael Sek) from my brother's side and one more along the way from my side.

I pray that my dad will have many more years ahead of him with the whole family supporting him through his illness. I also pray that the Lord will grant him a good health and sustain him spiritually and mentally.

New Watch

New purchase! New purchase! Here I go again. But please don't jump the gun. This item (wrist watch) would not actually be categorized as a tech gadget. Would it????

I have been wanting a stainless steel strap watch for quite some time. I am however cautious as I have told many of my friends that stainless steel strap would not be suitable for me because it could pull the hair on my wrist. Those who know me personally would be able to figure this out, yar?

Actually I used to own a contraband Tag. After wearing the "Tag" for a while, I found that there is an empty patch on my wrist area!!!!! Anyway, I pull out all my courage and decided to try again. I finally manage to get one good, branded wristwatch (at least I find it good and branded although not costing thousands of ringgit). I've got myself a "Seiko 5" series watch. Kind of pleased and satisfied with the purchase. You can see it for yourself and judge from the picture below.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


My wife and I went for her check-up last Saturday. She's into her 20th week of pregnancy. We were told by the doctor that normally, the gender of the baby can be seen on the 16th week. However, on the 16th week check-up, it was elusive. I was hoping the gender can be known by last visit but it seems that the little stone decides otherwise, so it remains a mystery to us.

I guess that makes things more interesting and mysterious.

Oh little one, if you do not reveal your gender soon enough, you may need to wear some girls clothes if you are a boy or vice versa!!!! Hahahaha!!!!! Oh well, I hope that we do not have to put the little stone into such dilemma.

Anyone out there knows of any good and cheap contractor to do minor stuff for the house. Need to do some stuff in the home for the coming new member of the family.

The clock is ticking...............

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What Now?

I am finished with my holidays. Now what? Apart from sorting out the photos and trying to produce a DVD of the holiday such that it would not be too boring for viewers, I suppose I should start putting my mind into the "little stone".

There would be so much to buy but most of it would require the sex to be known first, right? I suppose if a boy "stone", then most stuffs would be blue and if a girl "stone", then it shall be pink.

I think I should start making a list of things to buy........

- baby cot
- bottles

what else????? any tech gadgets required for bringing up a baby??? would a new PDA help? Maybe a new handphone with super powerful camera capability??? If only my wife permits :)

Anyone to help me out there?????

Coming Saturday would be the next doctor check-up. I believe the baby's sex should be known this time. No specific preference. Only need to know so that our purchases match his/her sex. Hahahahaha.......

My nephew and niece is certainly looking forward to meeting their cousin. In fact, my nephew has been asking me to "give" him a cousin and now his wish will come true.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pictures from Hong Kong Trip

Alright, the pictures as promised is ready for viewing. Most of you readers out there with facebook may have already seen these pictures but nevertheless here is the link to the pictures I have uploaded to Picassa Web.

Hong Kong trip photos

Hope you like it.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Hong Kong

My wife and I had the privilege to visit Hong Kong from 30th Jan 2009 to 3rd Feb 2009. It was not a toured trip but "free and easy". It means that we plan our own itinerary and transport. We manage to cover most of the tourist attraction when we were there e.g. Ladies Market, Victoria Harbor which covers Avenue of Stars and the Symphony of Lights, the 'Peak', Ocean Park and Disneyland.

On the whole, I rate the holiday as alright and fun. Only lack was our lodging for the first three nights. In order to ease my bank account, we stayed in a budget hostel located in Kowloon, right in the center of the "working class" neighborhood. It is known as King Wah Hostel. I will not disclose the price here but if you need to know, pm me via facebook.

Rooms are soooo small. What more can I say for the toilets. When I described the size of the toilet to my brother in law, he said "That's not a toilet. That's a phone booth". He really hit the nail on the head.

Personally, I find that there are nothing much to buy in Hong Kong as most of the stuffs are similar and available in Malaysia. And probably cheaper in Malaysia too. Sights seeing is another matter however. There are some wonderful sights in Hong Kong. Especially from the peak and Victoria Harbor as well.

I fell in love dolphins after watching the "Sea Dreams" show in Ocean Park. They are such lovable and intelligent creatures. Four giant pandas were also visible during our visit there. They were much more active than the one we saw in USA. Wonder why??? Closer to their natural habitat???

Next would be Disneyland. My wife and I had a great time there as usual (we always enjoy Disneyland). We targetted "shows" instead of rides as my wife would not be able to take some rides due to her current condition. Live shows there were great - Lion King, Golden Mickey and etc. Love the 3-D show too (rather 4-D) as mist, smell and water will "appear" while you are enjoying the show. Hahahaha..... that was really fun.

Apart from all that, it was walk, walk, walk and walk for me. Really tiring. More so, carrying my back pack all the times and wearing the wrong pair of shoes. My feet was like SO painful everyday but I still put on a brave front and walk on........... sometimes with a limp :(

I guess that's about all to report. Everyone is asking for photos... but we have not organize it just yet. So, it will still be sometime before photos can be posted.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Prawn Dish

I manage to prepare a prawn dish for the CNY reunion dinner with the help from my wife. Have a look......

So, what do you think? Do I have any chance in the food business??? At our current economic situation, I may have to diversify to the food sector. Everyone needs to eat, right?

The video was taken using my new toy (of course). However, the lowest resolution was used to publish it on the net.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Chinese New Year 2009

Greetings my fellow readers,

To me, Chinese New Year (CNY) means holidays. During my earlier years as a student, CNY would mean 1 week break from school. Ah, not forgetting also those little red packets given to children or any unmarried person for that matter. My collection of those red packets ain't much as my family lives in the city and we don't go around visiting much. In terms of value, both me and my brother gets most from our parents (of course). Therefore, monetary gains is nothing to shout about BUT the holiday break, ah, that's something else.

I love the holidays. Who doesn't right? Just love doing nothing important, walking the malls where you can see all types of characters whilst getting some "free air-conditiong". Oh! For the last statement, it is only right to inform readers outside Malaysia that the weather in West Malaysia is normally very hot during CNY. Noticed I used West Malaysia? I was told by a colleague, it is normally very wet in Sarawak.

So, how about CNY as an adult? That would be another post if I am not lazy.

Wishing all my chinese friends out there a very Happy Chinese New Year!!!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Latest Toy in the Family

Ok, ok, I must admit that my self-control is really poor. Especially concerning techy stuff. There is just this tiny voice calling me to get my hands on the "stuff". Spooky? Nah! Just kidding.

Alright, now into the serious stuff. I got myself the new SDHC camcorder by JVC. Nothing to shout about. It is actually an entry level camcorder.

I have never fully tested it out yet but from my initial observation, the highest quality is still inferior to my old miniDV camcorder. The biggest advantage of this little fella is its portability and the ease to upload files in to the computer for further editing.

It set my finances back by RM1,164 with an extended 5 year warranty. With this, I hope my cravings for Tech toys will be under control for a longer period of time :)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Tech Toys

How long.... Oh how long.....

Longing for new tech toys. One in mind (actually a few) is a SD or HDD camcorder with reasonable battery life. Budget? Let's say about RM1,500. Any suggestions out there?

Must be prudent with my hard earnt cash!!!! Especially when need to start saving for little "stone".

The only "extra" cash I can get my hands on would be courtesy of our Malaysian Government. The RM625 which ends sometime in March?? However, sad to say that after paying for the insurance and road tax for my Kelisa, all that is left would be about RM250. Now, what can I do with RM250??? Save it?? Use it?? Partyyyyy???

Life goes on.....

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Ah! We are in year 2009. A very happy new year to you all out there. Nope. I don't think the wishes is any too late. Better late than never as some may say.

Most people are adopting a cautious attitude towards 2009 in terms of finances. I would say it would be a wise decision. How sad. That means no more unnecessary gadgets/toys for the time being (notice I use "for the time being"). With so many unpredictable "things" going on out there in the world, who knows what may happen.

2009 for me would definitely be an interesting year as there will be a major change in my life. Some may know about it but some would still be in the dark. Anyhow, sooner or later it would be out in the open and hiding would be impossible (unless my wife dissappears and move to some far far away place for the next six months).

Yes! There is a little "stone" on the way. Sometimes it is scary to imagine bringing up the little "stone" especially with the world in such condition. Nevertheless, it is one of God's will for us, right? Both my wife and I will leave it to all to God. We believe that He will provide for all our needs I am sure. He will make a way when there is no way. Amen to that.

Maybe the next post will have more information.