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Thursday, November 29, 2012

What's New in the Tech World?

Gadgets seems to be "in" these days. Mobile phones which used to be big became smaller and it has now evolved into something called the "smartphone". Smartphones varies in sizes but the latest Samsung Note 2 has a 5.5" size screen. Is it a phone or a tablet? The answer is up to ones individual perception.

What else is new .......

Is notebook computers becoming a thing in the past with the upcoming market of Tablet computers? Has been hearing so much about iOS and Android bickering and trying their best to upstage one another. Quietly, Microsoft (or maybe not so quietly) released its newest OS - Windows 8. With W8, M tries to enter the tablet market and maybe out do the previous two.

Anyone out there tried W8 yet? I recently purchased a 11.1" notebook which runs on W8. Liked it so far. Apart from its new UI, it is basically like any other Windows OS. Understand that it is based on W7 which is by far the most stable Microsoft OS to date? Is it true?

But whatever it is in the tech world out there, I believe it would benefit all of us consumers out there.

One day would come when "beam me up Scotty" is no longer from a movie but a reality. Scary but kind of looking forward to it.