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Monday, October 13, 2008


Finally, I've got my EeePC XPized!!!!

It may not be exactly what wanted but it's a start. My current OS is Windows XP SP3. It was changed from the original Xandros Linux. My ultimate would be to get the XP OS into my 8Gb SD. If that is successful, than I could have a dual boot. Xandros on SDD and XP in the SD. Cool?

Now, one would ask, "Why would I want to do all this?" No particular reason for me. Just knowing that I can do it brings satisfaction to myself.

Lately, I found out that I can also install Mac OS X into the EeePC. Hhhmm... now that's interesting...... I suppose the possibilities are endless, if one have his/her mind onto it, anything can be possible.

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