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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Comparison - Revisited

Previously I've made a comparison between two different broadband service. Today, I shall review the same service (by DiGi) using a different modem at a same location. Hopefully this post will get the attention of DiGi :)

Firstly, let me just say that I am not against or disappointed with DiGi service. I think their service is excellent but I am hoping that the would bring their Turbo 3G service to Putra Heights faster (Lat 3° 0'37.30"N; Long 101°34'44.91"E).

Okay, here goes.....

I tried the broadband service with my USB modem on my notebook and the results are:-

Next, I use the iPhone as a modem and this is what I got:-

I wonder why the difference? Is the reception from the USB modem superior? Even when in office, the 3G signal from the iPhone will fluctuate quite frequently to Edge speed BUT it is more stable with the USB modem.

Anyone with any answers or thoughts, do feel free to comment.


Kelvin said...

pretty straight forward right....? your iphone is connected to EDGE instead of 3G....
Your modem is connected to 3G bandwidth.

Techcrazee said...

Thank you Kelvin for dropping by. You are right in noticing that it was Edge connection on the iPhone. The question remains is why is it not getting a better connection when the USB modem is able to?? Was hoping DiGi could shed some light.