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Monday, June 7, 2010

iPhone 4

It's out! It's out! The iPhone 4 by Apple is out!!!

It is about time especially with the "leaked" and the "stolen" iPhone 4G some not too long ago. All the specifications are as expected. No real surprise there but definitely an interesting toy to own.

Now, when will it arrive in Malaysia shores?? Hopefully the yellow telco will come out with an attractive package with it. Even an option for those whom have got the iPhone 3GS with DiGi (1 month plus ago) and locked with a 2 year contract :(

If not, then the bright side is, I would not be close to this iPhone 4 baby anytime soon.

Oh well, life's like that.....

For the time being, I look forward for a facelift to my iPhone 3GS with the coming OS4 update.

p.s. the iPad is REALLY a cool toy too don't you think???

1 comment:

Poh Nee said...

Yes...i think even Zoe will enjoy the iPad...hahaha!