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Friday, March 28, 2008

Laziness creeps in!

It's the third day and I find laziness starts creeping in. Partly due to writers block. Hahahah, spoken as though I am a true writer. Hope I don't get flame for this kind of comment. Some may say, "Who does this person this he/she is?" But I hope the one reading this would understand.

Oh yes, understand PC Fair 2008 is coming soon. Yippee, more techy stuff a bargain prices. What to buy, what to buy? Will I be there? I guess so as I would like to get a good deal for a wireless router. Had a couple sometime ago but they got fried by lightning. As usual, stubbornness is the root cause. Not the lightning. I have since wisen up by un-plugging the phone line as well as power socket every time the modem is not in used or during a thunderstorm. Any suggestion for a wireless router out there?

Ouch.Just got light burn from my EeePC. This thing really heats up fast. Wonder if it will spoil easier? Hopefully not but anyway I am still under the warranty period.

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