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Sunday, April 26, 2009

End of 50-50 Vision Reign

There goes my eyesight :( I haven't been doing much reading lately. Mostly is because my attention span over any lengthy article with words (only) is very short. I cannot seem to concentrate. Lately it got worse. I found that the words are blurr or I would have to put the text further from my eyes.

Yup, I have what "they" called it long sightedness. Or in other language - Rabun Dekat - which means cannot see near clearly. Normally this kind of defect is labled as "old age". So, it is double *sigh*.

With my new pair of "eyes", I hope my quality of life will change for the better :)

1 comment:

Wang Jiu said...

Not only are you Superman, you are now Clark Kent also....