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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Name for a Baby Girl

What would be a nice name for my coming baby girl? Any suggestion out there?

Personally, I am very much leaning towards "Danielle". Many would say I am just lazy to think of names and resort to using the feminine version of my own name. Hahahaha.... that may be true. Nevertheless, I think it is a good name. I like my name anyway :)

So, anyone out there reading this have any suggestion, please feel free to give your two cents worth (or more if you like).


Sngtey said...


Heaps to choose from. Depends whether you want to contimue with the K theme. Kaitlyn, Kaylee and Kayla are all taken. We also have 2 Maes (Kaylee's second name). You can have Danielle Keira/Kathryn/Kristen/Krystal/
Kristin Sek.

Jacqueline said...

How about Jacqueline, Jacklyn, Jaclyn, etc?