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Friday, January 23, 2009

Chinese New Year 2009

Greetings my fellow readers,

To me, Chinese New Year (CNY) means holidays. During my earlier years as a student, CNY would mean 1 week break from school. Ah, not forgetting also those little red packets given to children or any unmarried person for that matter. My collection of those red packets ain't much as my family lives in the city and we don't go around visiting much. In terms of value, both me and my brother gets most from our parents (of course). Therefore, monetary gains is nothing to shout about BUT the holiday break, ah, that's something else.

I love the holidays. Who doesn't right? Just love doing nothing important, walking the malls where you can see all types of characters whilst getting some "free air-conditiong". Oh! For the last statement, it is only right to inform readers outside Malaysia that the weather in West Malaysia is normally very hot during CNY. Noticed I used West Malaysia? I was told by a colleague, it is normally very wet in Sarawak.

So, how about CNY as an adult? That would be another post if I am not lazy.

Wishing all my chinese friends out there a very Happy Chinese New Year!!!!!

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