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Monday, January 26, 2009

Prawn Dish

I manage to prepare a prawn dish for the CNY reunion dinner with the help from my wife. Have a look......

So, what do you think? Do I have any chance in the food business??? At our current economic situation, I may have to diversify to the food sector. Everyone needs to eat, right?

The video was taken using my new toy (of course). However, the lowest resolution was used to publish it on the net.


Sngtey said...

Always a pleasure to see a man in the kitchen!

Techcrazee said...

thank you aunty for the vote of confidence :)

Ann said...

Hi....thanks for dropping by. Didn't know you had a blog too.

Will drop by once in a while. Maybe more to write when little one comes along.

Techcrazee said...

my in-laws keep telling me that when little stone come along, I would be busy carrying him/her. Unlike now I am always busy carrying my "baby" (EeePC Notebook) almost everywhere I go.

I sure there would be more to write about when little stone come along. You do know why I call little stone, right?