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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Latest Toy in the Family

Ok, ok, I must admit that my self-control is really poor. Especially concerning techy stuff. There is just this tiny voice calling me to get my hands on the "stuff". Spooky? Nah! Just kidding.

Alright, now into the serious stuff. I got myself the new SDHC camcorder by JVC. Nothing to shout about. It is actually an entry level camcorder.

I have never fully tested it out yet but from my initial observation, the highest quality is still inferior to my old miniDV camcorder. The biggest advantage of this little fella is its portability and the ease to upload files in to the computer for further editing.

It set my finances back by RM1,164 with an extended 5 year warranty. With this, I hope my cravings for Tech toys will be under control for a longer period of time :)

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