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Saturday, March 14, 2009


Many things have happened since my last post. In less than a month, my loved ones were admitted to the hospital 3 times. At posting time, my dad is still the hospital.

Firstly my dad for acute abdomen pain, discharged, followed by my father in law, discharged and my dad again.

My dad was admitted twice into Assunta. I kinda like Assunta Hospital and in fact my whole family feels kinda at home with that hospital. For me, maybe it is because it was the place where I was born.

My father in law was admitted to the NCI and later did a procedure at Gleneagles (not admitted here). NCI also seems like a nice hospital apart from some strange smell. Comfy and stuffs looked new.

My wife would be delivering at the SJMC. Wonder if the rooms are good and comfortable. For the renovation going on outside, the car parking areas are just messy. Hope it gets better by June :)


Dini said...

Hope your dad gets well soon...

Jacqueline said...

June? That's in less than a couple of months time..