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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Dad

February 19 is my dad's birthday. In 2009, he would be 70 years old!!!! Praise the Lord!!!

My dad is a self made man. Second son in a family of eight (4 boys and 4 girls). He went into the Technical College after completing his secondary studies under somekind of government funding. After finishing Technical College, he was equipped with a diploma for Civil Engineering. Not satisfied being a technical assistant in the public works department, he continues his studies on his own while working. Finally, after much struggling, he manages to pass his external exam known as "Part 1 and Part 2" to obtained and degree equivalent hence becoming a Civil Engineer in the public works department (PWD).

I was born about the time my dad passes his Part 1 and Part 2 examinations. Was it me who brings "luck" to my dad??? Hahahaha.... all in God's hand. All in God's timing.

He works with the PWD until he retires at the age of 50. After retirement, he continues his practice in the private sector for a short period until an economic downturn. From that time onwards, he retired from engineering practices.

My dad is a sportsman by nature. During his college days he plays all sorts of games such as badminton, hockey, cricket and tennis. It was in his days in the PWD that he took up golfing too. But when my brother and I are older and able to take up sports as well, we learnt tennis from him. We had memorable times as a whole family (mom included) playing tennis in the early days. People thinks we are crazy. The whole family will drive to the tennis courts (at SS1) and start playing from 2pm onwards. Like a family picnic. From there we meet all sort of friends.

However, about 10 year ago (I may need to be corrected here), my dad found out that he's got Parkinson Disease. Since then, he has been less active and by the nature of the disease, the patient tends to withdraw himself from the society, slowly. Of course we must take account that he is growing old too apart from the disease.

Anyway, with or without the sickness, he still lives on and have good and bad times together with us as a family. I love him dearly and will always try to make his life as pleasant as I possibly could until he goes back to be with our Lord Jesus Christ. He already have got two grandchildren (Natalie and Michael Sek) from my brother's side and one more along the way from my side.

I pray that my dad will have many more years ahead of him with the whole family supporting him through his illness. I also pray that the Lord will grant him a good health and sustain him spiritually and mentally.

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Sngtey said...

I don't recall ever meeting your dad. Maybe one day when little one is around you can have a big party!