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Friday, February 6, 2009

Hong Kong

My wife and I had the privilege to visit Hong Kong from 30th Jan 2009 to 3rd Feb 2009. It was not a toured trip but "free and easy". It means that we plan our own itinerary and transport. We manage to cover most of the tourist attraction when we were there e.g. Ladies Market, Victoria Harbor which covers Avenue of Stars and the Symphony of Lights, the 'Peak', Ocean Park and Disneyland.

On the whole, I rate the holiday as alright and fun. Only lack was our lodging for the first three nights. In order to ease my bank account, we stayed in a budget hostel located in Kowloon, right in the center of the "working class" neighborhood. It is known as King Wah Hostel. I will not disclose the price here but if you need to know, pm me via facebook.

Rooms are soooo small. What more can I say for the toilets. When I described the size of the toilet to my brother in law, he said "That's not a toilet. That's a phone booth". He really hit the nail on the head.

Personally, I find that there are nothing much to buy in Hong Kong as most of the stuffs are similar and available in Malaysia. And probably cheaper in Malaysia too. Sights seeing is another matter however. There are some wonderful sights in Hong Kong. Especially from the peak and Victoria Harbor as well.

I fell in love dolphins after watching the "Sea Dreams" show in Ocean Park. They are such lovable and intelligent creatures. Four giant pandas were also visible during our visit there. They were much more active than the one we saw in USA. Wonder why??? Closer to their natural habitat???

Next would be Disneyland. My wife and I had a great time there as usual (we always enjoy Disneyland). We targetted "shows" instead of rides as my wife would not be able to take some rides due to her current condition. Live shows there were great - Lion King, Golden Mickey and etc. Love the 3-D show too (rather 4-D) as mist, smell and water will "appear" while you are enjoying the show. Hahahaha..... that was really fun.

Apart from all that, it was walk, walk, walk and walk for me. Really tiring. More so, carrying my back pack all the times and wearing the wrong pair of shoes. My feet was like SO painful everyday but I still put on a brave front and walk on........... sometimes with a limp :(

I guess that's about all to report. Everyone is asking for photos... but we have not organize it just yet. So, it will still be sometime before photos can be posted.

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Sngtey said...

Best to see dolphins in the wild. I went to a whale-watching cruise once and as we were returning home, 3 dolphins followed us home, swimming just under the boat. A great sight! Apparently they love doing that. If possible only see animals in their natural habitat. A safari in Africa is a must for everyone.