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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Watch

New purchase! New purchase! Here I go again. But please don't jump the gun. This item (wrist watch) would not actually be categorized as a tech gadget. Would it????

I have been wanting a stainless steel strap watch for quite some time. I am however cautious as I have told many of my friends that stainless steel strap would not be suitable for me because it could pull the hair on my wrist. Those who know me personally would be able to figure this out, yar?

Actually I used to own a contraband Tag. After wearing the "Tag" for a while, I found that there is an empty patch on my wrist area!!!!! Anyway, I pull out all my courage and decided to try again. I finally manage to get one good, branded wristwatch (at least I find it good and branded although not costing thousands of ringgit). I've got myself a "Seiko 5" series watch. Kind of pleased and satisfied with the purchase. You can see it for yourself and judge from the picture below.

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