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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What Now?

I am finished with my holidays. Now what? Apart from sorting out the photos and trying to produce a DVD of the holiday such that it would not be too boring for viewers, I suppose I should start putting my mind into the "little stone".

There would be so much to buy but most of it would require the sex to be known first, right? I suppose if a boy "stone", then most stuffs would be blue and if a girl "stone", then it shall be pink.

I think I should start making a list of things to buy........

- baby cot
- bottles

what else????? any tech gadgets required for bringing up a baby??? would a new PDA help? Maybe a new handphone with super powerful camera capability??? If only my wife permits :)

Anyone to help me out there?????

Coming Saturday would be the next doctor check-up. I believe the baby's sex should be known this time. No specific preference. Only need to know so that our purchases match his/her sex. Hahahahaha.......

My nephew and niece is certainly looking forward to meeting their cousin. In fact, my nephew has been asking me to "give" him a cousin and now his wish will come true.


Sngtey said...

Baby monitor, digital thermometer, sterilier for bottles etc

Techcrazee said...

oh... ok, thanks. I like the baby monitor part as it is a tech stuff.. hmmm....