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Sunday, February 15, 2009


My wife and I went for her check-up last Saturday. She's into her 20th week of pregnancy. We were told by the doctor that normally, the gender of the baby can be seen on the 16th week. However, on the 16th week check-up, it was elusive. I was hoping the gender can be known by last visit but it seems that the little stone decides otherwise, so it remains a mystery to us.

I guess that makes things more interesting and mysterious.

Oh little one, if you do not reveal your gender soon enough, you may need to wear some girls clothes if you are a boy or vice versa!!!! Hahahaha!!!!! Oh well, I hope that we do not have to put the little stone into such dilemma.

Anyone out there knows of any good and cheap contractor to do minor stuff for the house. Need to do some stuff in the home for the coming new member of the family.

The clock is ticking...............


YT said...

Congratulations!!! Thought some ppl believe it's not good to do renovation during pregnancy? ha.ha.ha..

YT said...
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Sngtey said...

Buy gender neutral colours. I think babies look best in mainly white.